IA roster doesn't not match SB

In IA I see multiple accounts for some adults and there are account in there for adults that are not on our roster in Scoutbook. How can I sync our Scoutbook roster to the IA for our troop?

Post BSA # and we can look @JanneneUglean

The Troop numbers are 3223 and 6223. I see the issue in both troops.

@JanneneUglean - what do the rosters at my.scouting.org show for adults

I don’t see duplicates in my.scouting

@JanneneUglean - ok… post the BSA ID’s of those in question

…but not the names, please!

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Sorry I had a conference call. So I can post the IDs for the duplicates but the adults that are on the roster that should not I don’t have the IDs for.

First to clarify when adding events (camping, hiking, service) This is when I see all these extras. The roster I ran does not show it. I don’t see it in SB or my.scouting.org. Just when adding people to those events.

For 6223 Duplicates:
I also have 14 extra adults on the list beside those 3 duplicates that do not show up on any other rosters.

@JanneneUglean I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

For the extra adults, I’d assume they are former adult leaders who dropped off the official roster at some point. If so, click their name, then click their current position and add an end date. Repeat for each current position.

I have a similar issue, where one of our adults appears twice in the list of participants that you add to a logged activity. This adult only appears once in the SB roster and once in the IA roster (they had appeared twice in the past and was fixed — I think more than once). I’ve tried to be consistent with which instance I add to events, but it is confusing since there’s no distinguishing info in the participant selection screen. MID for the instance that appears in the roster is 115016994.

@CarolGee This adult leader had 2 Scoutbook accounts. They have been merged.

She should log in with her my.scouting username – not her e-mail address.