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IA2 Activity Logs

  1. I have successfully used SB since our unit was chartered in Feb 2019. I am struggling with activity logs in IA2. Constant editing of entered items, especially the need to ensure the “location” matches the name, and today a hike that was “approved”, possibly when entered by the parent, who is also an ASM. Is that possible?

  2. Can an ASM add a hike in IA2 for an individual without it becoming a “unit activity”. I need to do the for my other unit in which I am an ASM. From what I can see, I need to add the hike from the calendar and I do not see the option to make it individual vs unit. Is there a way for me to do this? I suspect the solution to this is to have the scout/family enter it, but they are really getting frustrated by entering activities into IA2, saying some drop downs are grayed-out.

  3. When I generate an activity report, it pulls the “location” instead of the “name” of the activity. This is not as useful, especially when a Scout, or even a Scouter, leaves the location blank! And I am guessing that ASM’s cannot activity reports in IA2 since it literally does nothing when I click on “run report” for Scouts in the unit where I am an ASM, whereas with the troop for which I am Scoutmaster, it opens a list of report types.

  4. Glitch that I have seen others report: If I select “all day” if I do not know the exact start/end, it creates an activity that starts at 10pm the day before the date selected and ends the next day at 10pm. I am guessing that the system assumes all day central time yet knows we are pacific standard? I will work with participants to be more diligent about not utilizing “all day.”

Solutions, suggestions, feedback?
I appreciate your time.

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