Pull Scout's NYLT training or ILST status to show patch on Youth's page

There is a feature request form a parent to pull Scout’s NYLT training or ILST status to show patch on Youth’s page. Since these are “like awards”, why don’t they show up like OA etc?

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SB does not show training - that is a my.scouting function

I understand what the current functionality. As the systems are brought closer and closer together, I am requesting this be considered.

Scoutbook does not track OA items. That is what LodgeMaster is for. Yet, OA status is shown optionally. I am at least requesting the same foe Scouts. The Trained and NYLT could be shown like an award.

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There’s a section in the youth profile for training, though. Why’s it there if not to record training to display in Scoutbook?

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It is a link to the training manager in my.scouting.

Not on a Scout. It pulled up the old “sync my training” screen

This is a legacy function that was present before the BSA purchased Scoutbook.

I do hope it stays, though. Relying on the chapter/lodge to update the unit/OA Unit Rep on who completed their ordeal/brotherhood/vigil and then tracking it separately for a unit would be a pain.


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