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ILST Training Module

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My daughter set up her MYST account and tried to watch the modules for the online ILST. Two modules are supposed to be in there, but when she hits “visit” this screen happens:

(I attempted to view it and got the same results, that is why my profile is shown)

Anyone know if the whole training site is down, or if they have removed these modules or if something else is going on?



I see the same issue. Definitely not whole training site. I see other programs. learning plans, and courses. Seems like an issue since it says it contains 2 elements, but you look in it and then there’s nothing.

Remember that it never superceded the offline syllabus and is only meant as a stop-gap for situations where you can’t run it in person.

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Also having the same issue. It is impossible to get those two modules. Please help.

@TimRogers could you please review?