Importing data from a backup

Hey all,

Before I go clicking willy-nilly, I thought I’d better ask about importing data from a backup.

The background - Scoutbook was showing a father/son, both named “David” with the same ID#. We submitted a ticket for the dad to be removed… wait for it… yes, both are gone, with their entire Scout record. Dad wasn’t active, so that didn’t matter, but losing the Scout’s data is no bueno.

The good news is that I regularly run backups because of the potential for these kinds of events. I see three possible options:

  • hand off the csv file, filtered for the Scout and have someone enter the entire record back into SB.
  • import a .csv with only his data from the previous backup.
  • run a backup, add the missing Scout’s data into the backup file, and then run an import. The opportunity to blow up the entire troop’s record seems to make the last one a risky move.

Thanks for any advice.

And… my advice, before entering any tix with support, backup your database.

The data should still be in SB for the Scout. Member Care should be able to restore the Scout along with all of his data for you.

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A couple of things I forgot to mention

  • The Scout account came back, but with only his ID#
  • The dad’s account didn’t come back. I suspect it may have been created years ago under the family plan.

I’ll put in another ticket and see what happens.

or reply to the old ticket - might get worked faster

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Our advancement chair put in the old ticket, so I don’t have the info.

Ticket is in, with BSA ID#. Should be OK.

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