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Migrating Youth Leadership Positions from TM to SB

How did you migrate Leadership position changes from TM to SB/IA?
We use TM for our main database (for now), and we just had a Court of Honor.
I was able to migrate rank advancement, merit badges, awards, etc. but Leadership roles changed and I don’t see that those migrated.
I’ve always made the changes manually in SB, but if there’s a quick and easy way to get that info from TM to SB, I’d love to know how.

Thanks in advance,
Karen Wallace


Scoutbook does not have import capability for youth leadership positions. As far as I know, TM does not export this data either.

I suggest using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. One of the features is a quick entry panel that will allow you to make updates to leadership positions for all Scouts in your troop from one screen. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension stores for Scoutbook and you will find the extension.


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