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Updating Parents in Scoutbook

I am trying to import data from TroopWebHost into Scoutbook using the feature assistant to update parent information. I don’t want to mess up the Scout data that has already been pushed down from BSA systems.

Is there anyway to do an export of the Scoutbook Data, edit that file, and then re-import? The file formats between the feature assistant and the export I have found are different.

I’m assuming once I do this import, it sends out invitation.

Thank you in advance!

On your unit page, there is an Export/Backup data link.

Be careful with parents! It is best to know if they were ever on a BSA application as a parent, or were a leader or Scout before. The extension tries to look them up first, but it is dependent on emails and names…

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Is it best just to try to do this individually with add parent to avoid duplicates? Or look up each parent first, and then import in a batch? Thanks in advance!

Do them in a batch. My only point is to do some diligence when spelling names.

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