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Improve Navigation for MBC's to view Scout Profiles

I was working with a MBC recently, and they had the impression that they were flying blind in terms of their ability to see what requirements a scout might already have signed off in Scoutbook.

After a bit of troubleshooting, I was able to determine that they are able to locate the scout’s profile by navigating to Dashboard → My Account → Connections → Finding the scout in the list

While it gets them there - it wasn’t initially intuitive to either the MBC or a Troop Admin to determine that was how the Merit Badge Counselor could see status…

As a MBC’s initial focus is on the Merit Badges that they are teaching - it would seem that the most natural view for them would be to have the ability to drill into the Merit Badges that they teach, and have a list of scouts that is hyperlinked to the appropriate Merit Badge Advancement Page for that scout.

It seemed to us that this could be accomplished with a minor edit to the “Quick Entry for MB Counselors” page:
There is already a checkable list of scouts on the page.
If the scouts name (or some other button/icon like “view”) linked to the individual scout’s advancement record for that Merit Badge - it would be an improvement to the MBC experience…

I was thinking that he could use “Reports for MB Counselors”, but this appears to be part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook.

This is already available to MBCs from their My Dashboard page.

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That wasn’t how I interpreted the menu’s name “Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors”…

As I’m not a MBC myself, I didn’t have the option to go exploring -
and (wrongly) interpreted the menu as a means to edit what Badges a MBC was working on.

Now I know - so I can better pass along knowledge when I’m asked questions :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of good info on the Scoutbook help wiki:

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