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MB Counselor - Seeing a Scout I don't know and have no connection with

First of all, thank you for the new My Merit Badge Counseling section on the dashboard. This is a fantastic feature and a great one to have during this time.

Upon checking this out, most of my Merit Badges have a Scout “Ben F” as a student. I don’t know him, and have no connection to him. Clicking his profile link takes me back to my dashboard, as opposed to other Scouts that I know, which takes me to their Advancement > Merit Badge page.

Is Ben a test account that was added?

If he’s not a tester, is there a way for me to remove him from my list of students?

Edit: Removed Ben’s PII now that I know he’s a current Scout.

Do you see him under My Account > My Connections

I do. Now I can see him. He was a student of mine for Drafting Merit Badge that I taught at a Merit Badge college. I have the “Approve Drafting Merit Badge” permission there.

I was looking at this last week. Drafting was never officially added to my list of MBs (I’m working with my DE to get this remedied).

From the MBC Dashboard, Ben shows as a student in my Communications, Composite Materials, Electricity, Engineering and Programming badges.


There is an issue that will show Scouts you are connected to for MB A to show if you are a counselor for MB B and they have MB B started or completed in Scoutbook. We have asked the developers to fix this.


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