In-Council Transfer - "not authorized" message


I am trying to do an in-transfer council transfer for my scouts. I am an admin and an ASM in both troops, however, when I go to the “tell us about youth” to initiate the transfer i get “not authorized”. What role other than admin in both troops do i need to have to transfer scouts?

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You need to be registered as one of the unit’s Key 3:
-Committee Chair
-Chartered Org. Rep
Or a Key 3 Delegate (functional role at my.Scouting).

Are you trying to push them from their old unit or pull them into the new? I’ve found that if you are a key 3 or key 3 delegate, it’s easier to push them from the my.scouting roster. Otherwise, any scoutbook unit admin for the receiving unit can use the in-council transfer button on the receiving unit’s scoutbook roster page to pull them in. But you need more personal info to pull them in.