In Council Youth Transfer

We just had three boys cross over from our Cub Scout Pack into our Scouts, BSA Troop. As a Key 3 Delegate of the Troop, I entered used the process for In-Council Transfer Receiving Unit and I got “Unauthorized” for all three. What do I need to do?

Ask your council registrar to check if their parent relationship is set on my.scouting and if the parent has email, DOB, and address fields filled in.

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Had this happen. Three things

  1. Make sure the parental status all match up. Dad’s attached to the scout, but not mom, or vice versa.

  2. Make sure the emails work. Had this issue.

  3. The easiest, best, more elegant way it to eliminate this altogether and get from the parents the DOB and BSA ID. That way YOU can initiate the transfer. That eliminates the need to worry about which parent is associated with the scout and what their email is.

we have also found that you have to do them 1 at a time. For some reason, we have had better luck with the “sending” unit doing the transfer works better.

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@MarianMcQuaid - yes that is how I work transfers… from the sending unit.

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