Scoutbook Position changed

It appears I was removed as Den Leader and Pack Admin from scoutbook. My Pack leader has been unable to resolve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you appear on your pack’s official roster at my.scouting? If so, do your BSA ID at Scoutbook and in the my.scouting roster match? If you don’t appear on the my.scouting roster at all, it’s some sort of registration issue that needs resolving with the registrar. If you appear, but the BSA IDs don’t match, it’s likely that you have ended up with multiple accounts/BSA IDs, possibly because of a mismatch in the personal data. If you post your BSA ID number, the folks from SUAC may be able to help with diagnosis.

You have never registered as an adult leader > you need to fill out an adult application.

The My Scouting Positions list past positions as Den Leader and Den Admin…but only through April of 2021 for some reason

Where can I access the application if needed?

Your unit should be able to help with that

Usually is a good option if they have online applications turned on for adults.

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@MarkCichon, if you go that route, I would make sure you warn your unit leadership that you will be and when you have submitted the application online. Not everyone is equally on top of emails, so the notice that there’s a pending application might languish for a while. If they know to expect it, and that there should be an email about it, they’ll hopefully be looking for it.

Not every chartering organization permits online applications for scouters, however, so I’d also make sure they do before you head over the the online interface.


@MarkCichon You have 2 my.scouting user names and 2 BSA member numbers. Please log in with your my.scouting user name – not your e-mail address.

I thought Be A Scout online registration was only for people not previously registered in the council.

It can be used in-council also, but it’s usually not the most efficient option.

I do not understand your answer, What is “It”. Please rephase.

Is online registration still generating a new BSA member id number?
(Generating a 2nd BSA MID for the Scouter?)

I believe my council requires all 18 years and older to submit a paper application for legal reasons,


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