Inactive Member ID

I have a parent having issues with They can log in but cannot view their member ID or take YPT.

Greater Colorado Council
Member ID: 13168890

“When I put my username and password in, it responds like it is going to let me in and says it’s “loading scripts”, but then I get an error. I can go into the menu like the message indicates, but I do not have any of those tabs listed.”

@RogerB I am looking at this for you

@RogerB I think she is using her email as a user name - do you know if that is right?

@RogerB she should be good to go now - the BSA # you posted was deleted at some point. She had 3 others, I put them all under management ( > Menu > manage Member ID) with the one that had a mother relationship as primary. If she is not using her aol email to log in and one of the other Usernames we can fix it