Parent can no longer logon

I have a parent, BSA Member ID # 129236658, and ScoutBook User ID # 9398290 who can no longer logon to her account.

I can edit her extended information, but when I go to edit profile, I get a note stating “The adult was not found within the active unit.” Maybe this is related?


@JohnSitton is she trying to use her user/password?

Yes. Logging on with the email associated with her account (z*.com).

That is not how it is setup - she has a username that is (first initial) (maiden name?) 6409 - like dmcneil6409

She’s using [username removed by Moderator], which she reports is the same as her my.scouting logon.

I’m headed to summer camp this morning. May I ask you to work with Susan directly? I’ll send her the link to this topic as well.


she can go to and click this and the bot can help reset the password - or your council can

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