Inactive pack has cub in wrong den

I have two siblings that have transferred to my pack from another council. The kids are actually wolves, having finished tiger right before coming to us. Their old pack in their old council moved them to an inactive Webelos den, and now the kids advancement percentage shows Webelos percentage. They also show being in a Webelos den, even though they are actually in scoutbook in a wolf den. More important, awards that have rank specific requirements, like world conservation, can’t be awarded because it only shows the Webelos requirements not the wolves.

I’ve asked the other pack to drop them, but haven’t gotten a response. I don’t know if the errors will automatically fix when the kids aren’t rechartered by the other pack. I would really like to award these kids the awards they’ve been working on all summer.

A unit admin in your pack should be able to put an end date on the erroneous Webelos den membership. Just make sure there is already an active membership in their correct den in your pack.

I can change anything for them in our pack. And in our pack they are in a wolf den, as verified under their membership. But on their main page it says Webelos. I could reassign their dens in their other council, but not end the membership. And it feels really overbearing to move them into an active den in a pack they aren’t in.

@NicoleFranklin What are their BSA member ID numbers?

(No names, please)

140654665 And 140654653
They are active in Nevada.

@NicoleFranklin I have ended their memberships with the pack in the other council.

Oh my goodness I cannot thank you enough!!

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