Inadvertantly ended a scouts relationship with the Pack and another scout having difficulty getting into Scoutbook

My name is Greg King and I am the Cub Master of Pack 377 in the Crossroads of America Council Five Creeks District. I have a Scout that is on my roster and I accidentally ended his status with my Pack in Scoutbook. I can’t get him transferred into my Scoutbook account because it tells me he is already a registered member of my Pack. His name is TA and his BSA # is 137337271. Could someone please add him back to our Scoutbook account please.

I have another scout that was entered by our council admin but when he was put into our Scoutbook it was a scout with the same name but from another state. I brought it to her attention and she added him back to Scoutbook but I got the same kid from another state in my Scoutbook account. I need to get SW with BSA # 14311434 added to my Scoutbook account also please. Thank you.

@GregoryKing both of these should sync tonight… The second one you pushed out of the pack yourself before Member Update ran to update the data.

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I removed your previous post as there was too much personal info shown to even try sensoring it. I’ll send you a private message.

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