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Scout Account Missing

OK here is the deal have a female unit participant life scout. She turned 18 December 2019. Unit recharter still not processd by council for 2021. When this scout tried to log in to scoutbook it would not let her. I went into SB unit roster she is not there, went into IA roster same thing. Looked her up in Volunteer support tool with name and found a sb account with no council (so i cannot get into) with a sb id of 10035627 it seems to be connected to her member id

Member ID is [136281363]

Great SUAC wizards please help.


Her account most likely was archived

She is still connected to the adults - one should be able to find her and correct membership under my account > my connections > seems like AKELA thinks she is adult but Scoutbook does not

I am a unit admin but do not show her in my connections asked one other leader last night not in their connections either

This is Emma L.? What is your UserID

Yes it is I am sb user id 2980

Member id [134329306]

OK - connected to scout now

just noticed - she is not registered for 2021

Charter not posted by council yet but the rest of the Troop is still there

She was not on the submitted charter if it was done online

Ohh let me reach out to the unit registrar


Charter is processed


Thanks I will be on the phone with council in am

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