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Inconsistency between Scoutbook, Internet Adv 2.0 and my.scouting rosters

We had 2 scouts transfer into the troop just before the end of the year (between the time the recharter packet was submitted and before it was processed) Therefore these scouts were not in the recharter packet.

Today, they appear on the Scoutbook roster and do NOT appear on the my.scouting or IA 2.0 roster.

What do I need to do to fix this ?

That is the problem with processing apps in that timeframe. The recharter essentially clears your entire roster and only adds back those that appear on Recharter. Your best option is to contact your registrar. I’m sure you’ll need to pay fees for 2020 for those additional scouts, too.

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I wondered if that was the problem. I will resend the applications.

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