Incorect Rank Caused by Viewing Rank Advancement

I have issue with my son’s scoutbook account that we’ve been unable to correct. Earlier this year in the scouting app I went to advancement to look forward at future rank requirements and without marking anything complete it automatically updated my son’s prior rank requirements to complete. I was on the First Class rank requirements and it automatically marked him as earned and approved for Tenderfoot and Second Class despite not having earned any of the requirements.

Our troop leaders have been unable to find a way to back out this incorrect rank up and now its showing him as an incorrect rank.

starting with the highest rank an admin just needs to go to rank in Scoutbook > click to enter date > unapprove and save > then go back in and erase the date and save

@NikeshShah - that is indeed interesting. This happened just in looking at the forward ranks?

Yes just by looking forward in rank requirements. The same happened to another dad in the troop when he was looking at his son’s rank and went forward one rank.

Oddly it wasn’t happening last year, just suddenly started a few months back.

I’ve passed along the resolution noted above to our admin but i’m curious as to why its happening.

@NikeshShah - thanks… that is why I asked. Truly not a scoutbook issue but rather the scouting app.

So I wonder if it somehow captured a click on each rank.

Now are you a leader in the unit? Or just a parent ?

Thanks Stephen I wonder if that’s what caused a change in the scouting app. I’m a new leader in the troop and I believe my leader application was approved right before this issue occurred. Prior views of my son’s rank were as a parent.

But as you said it seems its capturing a click when moving to the next rank. I guess for now I’ll just avoid looking at rank requirements for future rank in the scouting app.

Donovan - the correction you noted worked. We’ve been able to restore him back to his correct rank.

@NikeshShah - just to be careful I would suggest staying within until this could be traced. I trust there would be an audit log to examine.

What device are you using? Does it happen to be a Samsung phone?

It is a Samsung phone.

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Historically Samsung users have had issues with clicks being recognized in Scoutbook. I’m not sure if this is the same issue or not, but We have passed it along to the developers to investigate.

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