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Hello, A Scout in our Troop has completed Star Rank, and his record in Scoutbook indicates as such. However, as a Key 3 Administrator (as Advancement Chair) I’ve been unable to process this rank for the Scout in the PO for the Scout Shop. I’m tracing it back possibly to how I’m unable to approve the Star rank in this Scout’s Scoutbook record. I don’t know what to do. In addition, Internet Advancement showed the Scout as being Star Rank. A photo is included to show that the Approved/Recorded button is grayed out. Thank you for any help with this.

@TobeyTrumbull - first thing… Advancement Chair is not a Key 3 position. I would have your unit key3 check that you have that functional role in my.scouting.org.

No worries, I am a Key 3 and have been entering all ranks and merit badges for the past 6 months and been approving everything I enter. It seems with this particular Scout and rank, that I failed at the time I entered it and marked it as complete, to also approve the entry, and now the system is not bringing the approved button back. I have even deleted the rank from the Scout’s record by removing the “completed by” date, so that his file shows him only earning First Class. I have also logged out of Scoutbook/Internet Advancement and logged back in, thinking that that may trigger something within Scoutbook usability. I can’t think of what I need to do.

What is the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names)

The Scout’s BSA Member ID is: 132699368


Scout with initials ET has Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class marked complete but they are not approved. You can’t approve Star until the previous ranks are Leader Approved.

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Thank you for these responses. It may be good to note that my Troop is transitioning from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. We are in the process of moving all are data into Scoutbook and I have noticed that not everything in Scoutbook has been approved. It sounds like until ET’s previous ranks are approved, that the Star rank will not register. This is an interesting situation because there are many other Scouts in our Troop who have recently earned ranks, and I would guess that not all their ranks have been approved because they were moved from Troopmaster into Scoutbook. I’ll take another look at this Scout’s records ( and hopefully be able to approve his past ranks) and look at the other Scouts in our Troop who have earned ranks to see if there is anything that has not been approved. Thank you again.


Note until an award is Leader Approved it will not appear to your Council as being earned.

You can use the Needs Approval report to quickly find out what needs to be approved.

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@TobeyTrumbull that likely means your troop has not been recording ranks nationally - you might want to do an upload from TM into advancements.scouting.org - to make sure all your items are recorded and approved

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Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 10.35.40 AM

Thank you, I have gone back into ET’s record and have found that I’m unable to approve any of the previous ranks. The ‘approved’ button is grayed out. This is a concern because there are many items in our Scouts’ records that do not have “approved.” It seems like there is something coming to light you could say that needs attention.
Also, on another note, I checked a different Scout’s record in Scoutbook–(and this Scout was part of our Troop when we were using Troopmaster)-- and his ranks (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class) all indicate having been approved, but I don’t recall myself going in and approving them.
Why would ET’s ranks not be approved and the other Scout’s have been approved.
It seems like this is a housekeeping issue within our Troop, but this doesn’t get to the bottom of how I can award ET’s Star rank.

Did you start with Scout Rank first?

@TobeyTrumbull can also setup a screenshare to give you a hand

That did it! I had opened First Class for ET and the approved button was grayed out, but when I started with Scout Rank (which makes sense now), the approved button was available and I clicked on it, and subsequently have done the same for Tender, Second and First, and finally Star. Everything checked out.
I expect, and am ready, to do the same for all our other Scouts when it is needed. Thinking there is a good deal of housekeeping in Scoutbook ahead of me.
Many many thanks for your good thinking and help. I’m very grateful.

Thank you very much for offering to setup a screenshare. That was very kind of you. Thanks again.

Go to Unit and Reports - there is a Needs Approval Report that could save a ton of time

Thank you very much. I will check into Needs Approval Report which sounds like it could be very helpful. Also, I asserted in an earlier post that I am a Key 3. But I was not remembering that Key 3 is unit leader, chartered organization representative, and unit committee chair. I only have administrative privileges for Scoutbook as advancement chair. Thanks again!

You have the Key 3 Delegate and Unit Advancement Chair functional roles as designated at my.Scouting, but those are different from being one of the Key 3.


Thank you for this clarification. This is a good reminder about referring to my.Scouting for information. I have to say I’m very glad and grateful I posted on discussion.scouting.org. The help has been wonderful and quick and conclusive. Many many thanks again.


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