Incorrect Course Completion Status


For some of the members in my troop, I see that the course completion status is incorrect. They have completed certain courses, which are indicated as “Not Completed”.

How can I get this corrected ?

Thanks and Regards
Sethuraman Gurumoorthy

If you post the BSA ID numbers (no names, please!) and some of the courses you think were completed, the SUAC folks may be able to shed dome light on what’s going on.

@SETHURAMANGURUMOORTH - any BSA ID’s and course numbers to be looked at ?

What is SUAC ? Is there an email id that I can reach out to the relevant team ?

SUAC is the Scoutbook User Advisory Council, a group of volunteers who provide volunteer-facing support for (many of) the BSA software platforms. The councils themselves can connect to tech support more directly (in some regards), but the BSA no longer offers direct volunteer-facing tech support (i.e. email or phone) for its platforms.

Your best route to SUAC is to post here in the forums – as you did – and provide BSA ID numbers for the individual(s) whose training does not appear to be correct (no names, please!), as well as what training appears to be incorrectly shown.

If you need to identify the individuals separately due to differences in what appears incorrect, you could do something like:

Training courses A, B and C not credited


@SETHURAMANGURUMOORTH - you can either post the BSA ID’s or let this thread close automatically without any assistance

@Stephen_Hornak let me come back with a full list. This might take sometime, as I need time to collate the data.

@SETHURAMANGURUMOORTH If you just want to post 1-2, we can take a look.