Incorrect Email Address for New Parent

We have a new scout that just joined our pack and the parent’s email is showing up as When I try to update it, I keep getting a message that the email already exists (even though she’s a brand new scout/parent). Below is the parent’s BSA number:


Thank you!

@LaurieReynolds this is fixed i think - please check

@DonovanMcNeil this is fixed - thank you!

Do you happen to know why the scout associated with this parent would have a yellow triangle next to their name with the message “Not on official unit roster in my.Scouting”?

It typically means the BSA Member ID (MID) is not on the official roster at

If you find the MID in Scoutbook is on your official roster, try going to the membership in Scoutbook, checking the I Approve check box and clicking update. This often fixes a problem we have seen in the database.

If that does t work or the MID differs, post the MID and we will investigate.

@LaurieReynolds I fixed SR I think for you

@DonovanMcNeil the BSA number in scoutbook and my.scouting are the same. The I Approve checkbox was already selected in her membership, so I tried refreshing and that didn’t seem to help. Here is her BSA no:14027315

@LaurieReynolds That Scouts registration does not seem to be completed? Or it just happened today and you need to give it time.

@DonovanMcNeil it just happened today but shows completed in my.scouting. I’ll give it another couple of days to see if it resolves itself.

Sometimes you have to wait for an overnight process to run before everything syncs up. I would check again tomorrow.

All good now - thank you!