Incorrect Reports - Columns shifted from headings

I have set up a report to show the advancement status of a subset of my Scouts who are going to camp. The current ranks are showing correctly, but the detail below for rank requirements is incorrect - for example, Scout 4 has Tenderfoot rank, but her detail shows some Scout requirements not complete. These details match Scout 3’s records, and Scout 3 shows no rank, but all requirements are marked complete. Scouts 7 & 8, Second Class and Tenderfoot respectively, also show some Scout requirements not done in the report. It’s like the column detail is sorted in a different order from the headings. How do I troubleshoot this further? I can easily provide examples

@ElisabethWoody - you can post screen shots if that helps explain the issue.

Hi, @ElisabethWoody,

This sounds similar to an issue I reported here. Are you seeing the mixed-up data in the graphical report, the CSV export, or both?

This issue appears to happen only when I sort by last name, the reports are correct when sorted by first name. Incorrect:


@ElisabethWoody please post the full url for these 2 reports noting which is correct and which is wrong


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I posted the URLs as requested - is there more information needed?


The issue you discovered with data differences depending upon sort order was fixed on Tuesday, July 9. Can you check your reports again and still see if the issue persists?

Yes, the reports are now working as expected