Incorrect Scoutbook email address and login ID

We were able to correct a parent’s misspelled email address to send her an invitation in Scoutbook, but her login ID did not change. It would definitely be helpful for her to have her login ID match her correct email address. Can that be changed?

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

Probably best to have them make a new login with these instructions

That seems like that’s probably the best option. She just sent me screenshots of her Scoutbook Dashboard. She is connected to another scout in another part of the country. There is a message that says “Warning, another user is using the same email address…”

In the account setup instructions, it isn’t clear how she would get her account to connect with her son’s. I guess I would get her ID and go into her son’s Connections to Add her as a parent/guardian.

We can then remove the connection between her old account and her son.

Does that sound right?

@JenniferBell3 well lets get her logged in first - then clean it up after that - wrong connections she can clean up in my connections

@JenniferBell3 if you have a userID for them there might be a way we can fix it - we just need to see the account

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