Troop Guide not added to Patrol events

The patrol Troop Guide is not invited by default to Patrol events (or even the option to add). The expected (and desired) behavior works correctly for “Messaging” portion of site - need the same for “Calendar”

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Is the Troop Guide in that patrol?

The Troop guide is a member of a different patrol, but is created and assigned to serve this patrol. (Our troop has age based patrols - so the Troop Guides are always from the older patrols.)

The problem is that a Scout can only be a member of one Patrol at a time. He can be in his original Patrol, or the New Scout Patrol, but not both.

I have added this to the backlog. I have no idea if or when the BSA will schedule this for development work.


Thanks Ed. As I stated previously - this is working correctly in the “Messages” module … it just needs to be corrected in the new “Calendar” module.

What is the new “Calendar” module?

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