Indicate that Cubs not in dens is an issue

Continuing the discussion from Scoutbook I have full access yet still can't submit requirements:

It seems like this is an ongoing and regular issue. Should there be a mechanism that “forces” dens or flags those not in dens. It isn’t obvious that one must be in a den in the software.

Cub Scouts that are not in dens are listed in the Pack page right below the list of dens.

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Yes, but that is not my request. Since those Cubs don’t function properly, my request is to provide some indication that they shouldn’t stay there.

It might help if there was text at the top of that list. Something like…

You need to put these Cub Scouts into a den before you can record any advancement for them.


I guess I could sum it up as this:

Problem: There is no indication that advancement won’t work if a cub isn’t put into a den.

Solution: need some type of interface designation to make this clear. Without it, it is only word of mouth.

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