Scout registered late and is now showing as not in a den

I have a Cub Scout who registered late and is not in a den. Since he is not in a Den I cannot provide his advancement. Also since many of our youth joined in March, they have expired and are not showing in Scoutbook. I need to give them their advancement. I am unable to award it in Scoutbook. If they decide to rejoin later how will I show their completions?

Thank you,

David Cox Pack 653

Assuming they are on the scoutbook roster, go to the den they should be in and click reassign scouts. Then, select them.

What was their expiration date and when did they disappear from your scoutbook roster?

@DavidCox Are they on the roster at my.Scouting?

@DavidCox - when scouts join they are not automatically assigned to dens and patrols. That is a unit side action. You have to assign them to their respective den/patrol

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