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Help! I am the scoutmaster and I can’t figure out how to enter individual service hours for my scouts. I have tried to do it for my son as a parent and I keep getting a “membership ID error”. As a scoutmaster, when I create an event, it is automatically a troop event (even if I only select one scout) - can anyone help me figure out how to create a personal event? Also, is there any way to convert a troop event to a personal event? Thanks!

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When you say you can’t record it as an individual service hours, I don’t see the service hours saying one way or the other.

Is your concern that it still says the unit number on it?


No, there is a way to record service hours earned by an individual – when I try that option, it doesn’t let me select the scout. According to the instructions, I should most definitely be able to do it as a parent, but when I try to select the individual to add, it comes up blank… I tried to follow the scoutmaster instructions, but I can’t seem to figure it out – everything is showing up as a troop level event, which means it will count in our JTE score, which they shouldn’t…


I didn’t know of that option, how do you start? For me, I go to scoutbook.scouting.org (IA2) and go to activities. Then I click the blue plus in a circle, choose service hours, and it seems to make them unit only.

How do you start?

That is how I do it, but there is supposed to be a way to enter them as individual, not just troop. Parents should also be able to enter service hours and it would log them as individuals instead of as a troop, but that didn’t work for me either… You can switch your profile by clicking on the arrow next to the fleur de lis… beyond that, I can’t tell you how to do it… I can’t figure it out!!


Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know I could change from Scoutmaster to parent. It worked for me! It made an entry that doesn’t have the little black circle with 2 people in it. If you mouse for the little icon on the “unit” activity it calls it a “Unit Hosted Activity”. For the one that I created using the parent role, it doesn’t have that icon.

Thanks for walking me through it. It works me me! See the top test was an individual. service project. It actually says that it is tracked for JTE as well. I assume that means the hours are tracked higher up from the unit, but that they wouldn’t count as one of the unit’s 5 service projects for JTE. But I don’t know since none of it auto flows yet anway. :slight_smile:

Now that it works for me, you are back to having it not work for you!