Installed MyScouting app and cannot access InternetAdvancement

I installed MyScouting app and can no longer access InternetAdvancement.

@MikeGandrud - i have the app on my phone and still access internet advancement. Not sure i follow or understand your issue.
You would still need to access via the browser on your device.

Thanks for askimg for more detail. When I am in the page for my own kid in Scoutbook, when I click on Edit Profile it opens Internet Advancement and gives an error message. I understand that some features in ScoutBook are now ported to Internet Advancement. It is a new that IA wiĺ not open. The error messge tells me to clear cache which I have done

Here is some more info. I am a patrol admin in SB. If in Scoutbook I click to open an activity log for a scout in the patrol other than my own kids, Internet Advancement opens and shows the information. If I click into “activity logs” for my own kids, Internet Advancement attempts to open and gives an error message. I do not know what is happening with my own kids that IA will not open.


Click in the upper right and make sure you have selected the Parent role before trying to edit your Scout’s profile.

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Whatever my roll I still get an error message.

@MikeGandrud - for chrome on mobile:

@MikeGandrud try holding down SHIFT + Refresh of page - see if that clears the error

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Thankyou for the message. I have logged in from a Windows machine and everything seems to work. Even after clearing Cache and all other history from my Android device it still does not work to open the page for my own kids in Internet Advancement. I can open the pages for other Scouts in the patrol, just not my kids. When I enter Internet Advancement from the windows machine, I see a merit badge for each of my kids which was recently approved by the MB counselor, and in Internet Advancement it says “REQUIREMENTS.STATUS.UNDEFINED” by the merit badge. I wonder if this is a clue to the event that triggered the issue?

An additional update … if I click “VIEW ALL” under merit badges for my own kid in Internet Advancement, I get a message “You have encountered a problem with this feature. Please clear your cache and try again. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact your council.”