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Internet Advancement 2.0 3rd Party Syncing

When will 3rd party tools such as TroopTrack be able to sync with IA2?

Internet Advancement already has support for 3rd party tools to upload data. You will need to contact your 3rd party tool vendor to find out when they will provide the necessary files for Internet Advancement.

if I recall from the Developers - TroopTrack has not followed up with them to get the file format.

TroopTrack has the ability to create the Advancement file that you will then need to upload into IA2.0, check out this video on their Community page to get directions:

IA 2.0 does not support “Syncing” directly, it is a manual upload process.

It would be great if BSA would develop an API that would allow for Third party vendors to directly upload and download information from IA2.0.

I know we can do an export to IA2.0, but it would be more efficient to have a sync option so that advancement in IA 2.0 can make it’s way into the 3rd Party.

I wondered if that was what you were really asking. I agree it would be much better if BSA would implement a system to allow third party Scouting tools to automatically sync Advancements and download other data rather than relying on human interaction to get the information in and out of the system.

I doubt the BSA will add a direct sync capability for 3rd party tools. The original plan by the BSA was to drop all imports into Internet Advancement and require manual entry or the use of Scoutbook. The BSA’s compromise after user feedback was to allow 3rd party tools to produce a file that could be uploaded to Internet Advancement.

The BSA did not provide sync capability to the old Internet Advancement either. 3rd party tools, including Scoutbook, had to do screen scrapes of Internet Advancement in order to simulate syncing data.