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Internet Advancement 2.0 error accessing roster

@StevenHaggy - that assignment of a key 3 delegate or the role of advancement chair is done in the unit section in my.scouting.org in the Organization Security Manager. Those assignments expire 12/31 each year and need to be assigned by a key 3.

Unfortunately I do not have any previous account information or BSA ID other than my current account information to give to SB support. Plus given the total lack of response of SB support so far I don’t think logging an additional ticket will help. I agree with Steven - - these are issues that are not unique to one user, and issues that the SB development team needs to address and resolve.

@BetsyWhitely - the assignment of roles in my.scouting.org is not a scoutbook issue. It had been stated in the transition information that unit key3 and designated advancement chair would be those with access to IA2.0.

Stephen - I am both Key3 and designated advancement chair and can access IA2.0, but my roster is missing. I was told that the issue could be from merging multiple BSA accounts/IDs making this a SB issue that is unresolved for a number of users.

Which bsa member number do your see in your my.scouting profile when you log in?

For my.scouting,org: 12014587. Don’t know how to check in IA2.0, but since I am successfully launching IA2.0 using my logon credentials from my.scouting I assume it matches.

@BetsyWhitely - once in IA2.0 look at the left hand side for Profile, click on that.

Thanks - BSA ID is same 12014587 and I am listed as Key 3 delegate in IA2.0.

Send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your details. They need to look at your account to see what specifically is wrong.

My personal thought is the out of unit positions are taking precedence over the unit positions.

All - The registrar at our Council office was able to finally resolve this by getting the registration rep manager involved. I’ve asked her for additional info as to what they did at the National level and will post it here when I find out.

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