Receiving Error in IA2 Accessing a Scouts Records

Good Evening SUAC,
I am the Unit AdvChair preparing records for CoH. We have a Scout who transferred in a few months, her BSA ID# is 13885488. I’ve cleaned out her old connections in Scoutbook and confirmed that Im listed with Full Control. I understand that Scoutbook and IA2 operate from slightly different set of permissions.
When trying to access her records in IA2, I receive the following errors. Receive these in both Chrome and Edge.
“Logged in User does not have access to this API”
“You are not authorized to view this document”
VR, Charles

Check your positions at for a functional role designation as Unit Advancement Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate. This designation is separate from the designation in Scoutbook, and us what IA2 relies on.

If you are not set up in as either UAC or a K3D, then one of your unit key 3 (CM/SM, CC and COR) needs to log in there and designate you as UAC using the Organization Manager in the left side menu.

@CharleyHamilton Was my initial thought also because it happened earlier this year with recharter. We recently submitted recharter forms, but I don’t think they’ve been processed by District yet. I also sampled other Scouts across both my troops in IA2 (as a cross-check) and the errors only presented with this one Scout.

I don’t see where you mentioned this Scout exists in your units my.scouting roster. Did you confirm that?

Hrm… assuming the scout is in your official roster in, try having a Scoutbook unit admin go to the scout’s membership I the current unit, toggle the approved box off and on, then save the membership. Sometimes the memberships get messed up “behind the curtain”, and this sometimes resets them. I’m not sure that will resolve the issue in IA2, but I’ve seen that help in Scoutbook. I can no longer tell which data each interface is referencing. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Matt.Johnson I’ll ask our CC/SM to check the roster in my.scouting. Not visible to me.

@CharleyHamilton Accessed the Scout’s profile in Scoutbook, toggled the “Approved” and updated. Then toggled it back on and updated. Attempting to view her records in IA2 results in same error.

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