Internet advancement adding activity and view roster dissappeared

It’s still not working on my end. I think it might be because it has listed Parent/Guardian along with Scoutmaster, Troop admin on the same profile. Where as for my crew account and Girl troop it only shows my position and not parent/guardian.

Troop 664 Boys (not working)
-Troop Adimin
-Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 664 Girls (working)
-Assistant Scoutmaster

Crew 808 (working)
-Unit Treasure
-Crew Advisor
-Crew Admin

It still not fixed for me. It’s still the same issue.

@ChastineCorrea - just a question… why would have both an ASM and SM position in the troop ? I can add that I have an entry as a parent for our crew along with my CC crew position and all items are listed for all of my units.

I was originally an ASM before I took over as scoutmaster. I still help out with that patrol by being the 2nd adult during their patrol meetings so I kept the ASM role in scoutbook to get emails from the patrols calendar for events/patrol meetings.

Thanks for the updates. We have notified the development team. Hopefully they fix it soon but do not expect any fixes during the weekend.

Thank you very much!

@here If you can do a shift Refresh and see if this is now fixed

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Yes, it appears to be fixed for me. I’m able to access the roster and all the other options in the dropdown menu now. Thank you!

Thank you very much, it has been fixed!