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Where is Roster?

After I log into my.scouting.org and open internet advancement 2.0 under legacy tools, the internet advancement page opens onto a single scout profile. I have tried every button, but cannot return or find the roster of the entire troop. Please advise

@ValerieRemkus - what is your role in the unit ?

Hello Stephen, I am advancement leader, a key 3 delegate. I have previously and numerously logged on and entered rank advancements and merit badges. I’ve tried different browsers and different days but the roster doesn’t come to the screen… only one scout opens (my son). Thanks, Val

@ValerieRemkus - could you post some screen shots of what you are seeing. I would also make sure that the key 3 see that you are indeed listed in my.scouting.org in those roles.

@ValerieRemkus - what happens when you click on the BSA emblem in the upper right next to the gear ?

it shows me as parent/guardian

where do I see key 3?

@ValerieRemkus - this is the same login you have always used in the past to get to scoutbook.scouting.org ? Now as far as seeing your functional roles in my.scouting.org, only a key 3 can see that. So the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep or the key 3 delegates.IA2

This is what I have in scoutbook.scouting.org
myst roles

I don’t see any of this. When I try to open my profile I only get member ID, and when I open Scoutbook, it says loading scripts and then it times out before opening. February was last time I logged in and had no trouble. Any suggestions? I can ask my committee chair to investigate.

@ValerieRemkus - yes the Committee Chair would be a great start in figuring this out. I did ask, is this the same login you have always used to access scoutbook.scouting.org ? I will also ask, what do you see when you log into scoutbook.com ?sb_roles

Thanks for the feedback! I am using the same log in that I have used for 6 years.

I am unable to log into scoutbook. It just says loading…

Hello Stephen,
Its all worked out - our committee leader learned that my title/access had been dropped when we rechartered. BSA says that I will have to be added as advancement chair annually. thanks for your insight and assistance.