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No roster in Internet Advancment

I am not able to see the roster for one of my troops in internet advancement, everything seems fine in Scoutbook. I am the CC for the troop, I checked with the SM and he is not able to see the roster either.

Any ideas on where to start

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If you click drop down arrow in the upper right corner, do you see the troop? Make sure the troop view, not the parent view is selected.

I am looking at the troop view, I am committee chair of two linked troops, the girl troop is showing up just fine, but the boy troop is not.


What are the numbers for your two troops? So far, what I can see in the DB looks correct.

Troop 328 (I can see this roster)
Troop 380 (Neither myself, the CC, or SM can see the roster)


Both Akela and Scoutbook are showing you as CC for both troops. I’ll need to have the developers investigate.

We are still seeing this issue, were the developers able to find anything yet?

They have not provided me with any updates.

Anything yet, We still cannot use internet advancement at all in the troop. Is there anyway this can be escalated to the next tier for action?

What is your BSA Number

125113943, the scoutmaster see the same thing I do which is an empty roster. His number is 126673077

ok I turned those into developers to look at

I am having the same issue.

Hopefully you have better luck than I am, this issue has caused our troop to not get JTE gold this year since we are not able to enter service hours in the system

MichelWaite, this is my second attempt to try to find answers to this issue. I posted a few days ago and no reply.

You wish to start a new second thread. Troubleshooting 2 people’s issues in one thread gets hard.

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If you guys have tried hard to get this working, I wouldn’t count it against you.

I agree this was not the only thing holding us back from gold. With COVID our camping numbers were way down and we also did not get and new WEBELOS crossing over either. All in all it was a hard year for everyone, but this something we have have been fighting since the change to IA for service hours. Does gold really matter, nope.

@MichaelWaite Developers are working yours - no ETA

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Thanks for the update, I will let know how I make out.

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