Is There A Way to Get an Individual Summary for Each Scout Quickly!


In the older online Internet advancement, I could check a box that would include all of the scouts in my Troop (by checking each box by each scout) and print out individual advancement records for each scout easily in one report. I could then provide each scout with their own up-to-date advancement record at each Court of Honor.

In the newer Scoutbook version, it appears that to get individual reports, I have to select each scout individually and then select a time period for the advancement report. With over 40 Scouts in our troop, this is going to be a chore.

Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to get individual reports (separate pages for each scout) in the new version of Internet Advancement similar to what I was able to do in the old version?

Please help!

Yours in Scouting,
Jim Kim
Advancement Coordinator
Troop 110
Coyote Creek District
Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

Hi, @JamesKim,

Check out the related discussion here.. Does that address your question?