Internet Advancement Approval Button Disappeared for Delegate

I am the unit Advancement Coordinator and Key 3 delegate and have traditionally posted or approved activity reports as well. Recently I found that the approval button doesn’t appear anymore under the pending items tab. I have no way to approve activities posted by Parents or from events I post. Is this a change, and if so why? Is there a workaround?

Is your Key 3 delegate position still current? In the past, when recharter posted, functional roles were often reset and had to be reapplied.

It’s still active for Scoutbook, but this problem predates recharter. I found I had lost access back in November. I can enter advancements, but not activities.

Hrm. I can still post activities and advancements as a K3D. Have you tried a hard reset of IA2 (e.g. Ctrl+refresh)?

You are not UAC or K3D in AKELA - IA prefers AKELA/My Scouting Positions to Scoutbook. The Unit Key 3 can add the roles under > Roster > Position Manager