Internet Advancement - Cannot login at the moment

It is Fri Oct 16 17:18:06 EDT 2020
Trying to login to Internet Advancement 2.0

Cannot get logged in. I tried logging into Scoutbook, then using that link, and get the same problem. Here is the popup, anyone else seeing this? I’m using (as I always do) Google chrome browser and have cleared my cookies/cache and restart the browser. Twice.

@GanttEdmiston What is your BSA member number?

It’s now Fri Oct 16 20:16:41 EDT 2020 and my access is restored.

This is my problem as well. Same SSO works with other things, but not IA2.0.

I have been trying to get onto Internet Advancement for the past 5 days. I can log into and get to the link, but it just keeps buffering. I am having a similar problem with trying to do YPT training. I have reported this to my local council but no reponse, except Oh No.


Can you log in to If not, try an incognito window as you may have a cache or cookie issue that is blocking the site from loading.