Internet Advancement Login Greyed Out

I have attempted to log into for several days now to complete our recharter.

When I do, it auto populates Internet Advancement and all log in prompts are greyed out and unavailable.

A graphic on screen pushes to Scoutbook. I can log in there, but when I select the IA link from within Scoutbook I get sent back to the same screen as above.

I tried stripping the redirect piece from the URL, but that doesn’t work.

I could access IA last week to add activities.
I can log into and Scoutbook with no issue.
I am using BSA credentials and chrome version 119.0.6045.159 (Official Build).

Any help is much appreciated!

@JenniferArmstrong1 - you could try an incognito session to see if that works for

@JenniferArmstrong1 Have you tried going through my.Scouting?

BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0