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Internet Advancement file upload in pending status for over 12 hours

My BSA # is 121326084.

Resending to you, in case you did not see my other post. My BSA 12750593. I am uploading to Troop 851 GLAAC’s records.

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Tried 3 submitting 3 times today. Cancelled the first two after over an hour. The third is still pending.
BSA #132719722 (Troop 1175)

UPDATE: The file has been processed (I checked about 4 hours after loading.)

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I have had this problem consistently ever since IA v2 came online. When I upload advancement data – I find that it is normally in the Pending state for a few days. As of this point, I normally wait about week before going back into to check things.

As a professional IT engineer, I dont understand how this system works.

Mark Gonyea
Adv Chair
Troop 676.


Are you still having this issue? We have been told it was resolved last week.

Just an additional response to Mark Gonyea’s issue. Advancement 2.0 operationally is very unreliable. No software timelines are provided to users so it is a crap shoot when you enter files and I cross my fingers that the files will process. This last time at least there was a flag header indicating that maintenance was going to be performed. However, every time something is changed we have processing issues. It would be great to have a formal process with the users. I contact my council when there are problems, but many times they cannot help and are at the mercy of National. It appears that the database is not a realtime processing system, but rather picks up files every hour. I would suggest that this entire process with developers/programmers and Users be formalized. Just my 2 cents, but if this system was something I had to use at work, I would suggest an entirely new system that was user friendly and an interface that allows the user to enter system tickets etc.

@edavignon I dont know if it was fixed last week (Around Feb1, 2021) - I had the issue in my last upload around 2 weeks ago. At the moment, I have nothing to upload.