One of our scouts is missing from Internet Advancement

We have a scout, REMOVED BY ADMIN, who does not have his BSA ID number entered for him in Scoutbook. I am a key three member (scoutmaster) for Troop 4 (Michigan Crossroads Council), but I can’t add/edit this field on his profile.

His BSA ID number is 123800614.

Can an administrator please add it so we can get him synced with Internet Advancement, which he is currently missing from.

That MID got pushed to the mother somehow - give me a few to look at it @RichardMeints

Many thanks! I appreciate the swift response too.

OK I can move the MID to Scout BUT it is going to break the mothers log in - cause I think she made account for her but used his name.

Her first name is Fawn, if that helps.

I have all that - just thinking through it

well the Scout is fixed but the mother cannot log in - well not entirely true - the mother can log in as the Scout - they probably will notice no real difference

If the scout isn’t already invited to connect via email to their account, not having a parent login should impact that, right?