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Internet Advancement Interesting Triangle Message

I noticed a few interesting triangles next to a few scouts in our IA when coming from Scoutbook. I logged out and went to IA directly and same issue. The scouts in question are on our roster in Scoutbook where they should be but show this message in IA. Any thoughts as I searched but may have missed this topic before.


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Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s name, BSA Member ID, council and unit with the details of your issue. Mention in the ticket that it is being opened so that the developers have the Scout’s details to properly investigate. Post the SSD number you receive in the subject line of one of the automated e-mails here so I can pass it on to the proper developers.

Thank you. Email sent, waiting on the SSD. Received the initial automated email, nothing in that subject line

Here is the SSD I pulled from my support request:


I have the same problem and have had a ticket open for several weeks. My ticket number is HD-346902.