Internet Advancement multiple users

Is only one leader allowed to access internet advancement? My scoutmaster is trying to assign me as having access to internet advancement in addition to the advancement chair but he can only see it where he can only have one user. Any way to give access to another as a backup?

In principle, the Key 3 can assign the following functional roles in the Position Manager at my.scouting:

  • (3) Key 3 Delegates, total
  • (1) Unit Advancement Chair

Note that Key 3 Delegates have (almost) all of the access/powers that the Key 3 do, including things like access to PII for the adults and scouts in the unit.

In addition, the Chartered Org Rep can assign (1) COR Delegate. Note that this person would have (almost) all of the access/powers that the actual COR has, including approving adult applications online.

ETA: There are actually more functional roles, but none with the advancement access I assume you’re looking for.

ETA2: So, I should probably have asked exactly what access you are looking to have to IA2. There are various positions that have access to the logs, for example, with varying degrees of control. Recording Activities in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Thanks Charley for the information. I now can see the advancement but the Import File is greyed out. Any idea why?

Have you tried pulling down the fleur de lis in the upper right corner to see which position is selected there? Depending on which position is selected in the pull-down (or is defaulted there), you get access to different things.

What positions are showing in your my.scouting (not Scoutbook) listing? How do those compare to what’s under the pulldown? I wonder if it’s a sync issue.

It shows Assistant Scoutmaster

ASMs don’t have access to enter advancement in IA2 as far as I know. That’s exclusive to Key 3, Key 3 delegates and the Advancement Chair (i.e. functional role assigned via Position Manager). You’d need to be added as one of the Key 3 Delegates if someone else is already in the Advancement Chair functional role.



Thanks, got added as a Key 3 delegate and all seems to be good now.

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