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Good Afternoon! : )
I went in to log service hours for our Crew and noticed that EVERYTHING I have put in in the last 6-8 months is sitting in the “Pending” folder with no way for me to approve them. I’m the Associate Advisor of Admin and the only one from our Crew that accesses Internet Advancement (including for recharter). How do I get them approved so that bright red 90 disappears?

While looking through the 90 items that need approved, I noticed that our Summit Award was missing, so I started checking youth and noticed that 3 of our youth have no “Last Approved Rank”. In their profiles, it shows the ranks, but they are listed as “not approved ranks”. They are approved in Scoutbook, but for some reason they aren’t listed as approved in Internet Advancement (this includes all 3 of their Eagle Scout awards, which were earned 4-5 years ago). What can we do to fix that so their IA profile records match their Scoutbook records?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!

I would talk to one of your unit Key 3 (COR, CC, Crew Adviser) to see about one of them designating you as either Unit Advancement Chair or a Key 3 Delegate (depending on what scope they’d like to delegate to you) in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting. Those roles need to be renewed annually after each recharter cycle.

ETA: Sorry, I hit submit before I was finished with the thought process. As a UAC or K3D, you will have access to approve advancement (although I believe the Summit Award, like Eagle Scout rank, has to be approved by council). I know that K3D can approve log entries, but I can’t clearly recall whether or not UAC has that access.

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