Scout Disappeared from ScoutBook and Internet Advancement

One of my scouts has disappeared from Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. He is an Eagle Scout and I tried to reconnect him to our troop which I did but it says “has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council.” I’ve checked with our council office and they confirmed he is registered with my unit. Can someone help me get my scout reconnected with my unit in Scoutbook so he will show up in Internet Advancement?

Scouts Name: Lucas Hidden
BSA ID: 125968902
Troop 220
Pikes Peak Council

@DouglasMeikle not sure what happened here - kind of seems like a Unit Participant (+18 age) was made for him and system did not like it as he is not +18. I have setup a sync to get him back - look after 4pm CST. Do check Roster at - I see him there make sure you do to.

Yes, I see him in my.scouting. The error may have occurred when he joined a Venturing Crew as a multiple and they somehow assigned him to the +18 age category by mistake. I’ll check after the sync this afternoon. Thanks

Scoutbook he is not an adult - that field is NULL

Hi there, I am having the same issue with one of my scouts as described here - a registered scout, she has an ID number, and is on my official roster. But recently she just disappeared from Scoutbook and I can’t figure out how to add her back in. I try “transfer in scout” and enter name, ID, birthday, etc, and Scoutbook says she does not exist. I see Donovan McNeil was able to work some magic for Douglas Meikle here - do I have access to that same magic?? Thank you so much. I’ve checked with my council but they don’t seem to be able to help me.

@KatieDaughenbaugh what is the Scouts Member ID?

ID: 13816203
Troop 619 in Bozeman, MT

@KatieDaughenbaugh you ended her membership 6/10/21 - I have setup a sync to bring her back

Thank you so much. I have no idea how her membership got ended!

I would guess you were trying to get her to a patrol - going to patrol and clicking reassign and selecting scouts to add to that patrol is best way

Awesome. Thanks again!! Should I wait for the system to refresh then look for her?

as stated above - after 4pm CST Scout should be back in unit - not in a patrol

Got it. Have a great day.

Lucas is now showing up after the sync but he is listed twice. Once as Eagle which is correct and the other one with no rank that was created when I tried to reconnect him unsuccessfully. Can someone remove the duplicate with no rank? I don’t see any way for me to do that.

@DouglasMeikle ok he should be all fixed now and his login should work for him

Thank you very much!!!

@DonavanMcNeil, can you help sort out a missing scout that was and now isn’t listed with our ship?

@DouglasAllen1 as others have done - all we need is the BSA number and we can take a look - we do not need name or anything else

I noticed the same problem last night. One Scout in my pack has their primary registration with another pack, and a secondary registration with my pack. They show up correctly in the My Scouting roster, but not in ScoutBook.

There is a second Scout in the pack with a similar situation, though ScoutBook does list them correctly with my pack.

Member ID: 13679359

@Ben.ke3om the father ended the membership in Scoutbook yesterday - you may need to talk to him