Internet Advancement youthProfile does not flush DOM between youth selections

From IA Roster, clicked on a youth (YOUTH1) that is known to be synced in {my.scouting roster, IA roster, and Scoutbook}, display of advancements…/youthProfile is fine.

Clicked on a youth (YOUTH2) in the process of being transferred from in-council pack to troop,( synced in {advancements…/roster and Scoutbook, stalled in application manager due Error C409 “Parent guardian not found for given application”} ), /youthProfile(personprofile) gives . M401 - Unauthorized - Logged-in user does not have access to this API.

But shows
a mishmash of data, images, from the successful call to YOUTH1, and roster-level data for YOUTH2.

@ChristianRamsburg often a SHIFT + Refresh Page gets past unauthorized Log in issue

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks you for the tip. I had tried Reload /Hard Reshift-Reload/ Empty Cache and Hard Reload/ , but I think the permission issue is due to the youth member 135605859, not being part of my Troop (T1028 id: 36011) akela organization, since the member application is stalled in application manager. I can successfully bring up fully synced members of our roster. (I also just retried Shift+Refresh, just in case.)

In any case, the issue with stale values in memory getting jumbled with newly retrieved data is still there.

p.s. I had looked for Advancement Bugs, but did not find that forum, so I put this in Scoutbook Bugs. Looks like it got retagged to this forum.

Try asking your local council to use their Registrar Tools to add a parent in the “Relationships” section. No guarantees, but maybe that will fix the no parent issue with the application.

I will ask local council to revisit the " Relationships section", to see if that helps. (nb. Scoutbook does show correct parent linkages).

In any case, [youthProfile does not flush DOM between youth selections] prior scout info after the M401, still remains.

@ChristianRamsburg The parent / child relationship that I am referring to is different than the parent connection in Scoutbook.

I have passed your issue on to the developers.

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@ChristianRamsburg Looking at the Scout with BSA member ID number 135605859 today, it looks like he is still registered with the pack. I do not see a registration for him with a troop.

Do you see the Scout on your official Roster at my.scouting?

[Off topic of Stale field values displaying in Browser, but ] @JenniferOlinger During the crossover " festival" the pack admin (accidentally) submitted multiple transfer applications for Cubs so, Scout with BSA member ID number 135605859, had an application in " Pending Acceptance", but it was Closed, leaving an application that was " Pending Applicant Agreement", so kind of stalled with that youth.


YOUTH3 with BSA member ID number 135789897 (application id upon request), who was also stalled in application manager due Error C409 “Parent guardian not found for given application AND ONLY had " Tiger Cub of … xxx" Relationship to their parent, was updated in Registrar Tools >> Relationships (affliation) to " Son/Daughter of…xxx" .


The application was able to be accepted/[Completed] AND the member id appears in official roster at my.scouting AND does NOT raise error [M401 - Unauthorized - Logged-in user does not have access to this API.] in Internet Advancement.

QED perhaps “Tiger cub of …” is not a Parent/guardian relationship w.r.t. • “Only youth in our database with a “parent relationship” can be transferred so a notification can be made.

@ChristianRamsburg We cannot see applications or application numbers.

Based on what I can see, Scout with BSA member ID number (MID) 135605859 is still registered with his pack. It looks like your council Registrar might be in the process of fixing this Scout’s parent / child relationships with their Registrar Tools.

The other Scout with BSA MID 135789897 looks good to me.

Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not always parents / legal guardians, so that type of Relationship is not accepted as a parent / guardian Relationship for transfer purposes.

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