Internet Recharter - Reports desired

Having recently provided training at local Roundtable regarding the IA Recharter program, I highlighted the significant gaps in available reporting. The current report (count 'em - one!) is a mishmash of Member Status. This post to prompt BSA IT to consider adding:

  1. Troop Roster - a simple and clean listing of who has been flagged as continuing. Bonus could be to drop Gender and indicate YPT status.

  2. Removed Members - the counterpart to the prior report allows other leaders to check if someone was accidently marked to drop.

  3. Multiples - there is no way to see how those marked as Multiple are linked to their primary organization. For our charter organization, we have leaders who can be primary for a pack, B/G troops, and a crew.

  4. Renewal Roster Fees - simple version is to capture the table of Registration type, Quantity, and Fee to get to the Total Amount Due. More detailed would be to list (just First/Last Name) who is in each Registration type for final checking.

Finally, an additional step could be to allow creation of CSV or PDF exports of these reports for further manipulation by the organizations (like tracking who has paid).

Reporting appears to have been an afterthought, so hopefully this post can prompt some agile action for the next recharter cycle to better improve the application.

I have forwarded your request along…

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