Internet Recharter Reports I Do Not Have Enough Leadership

I am not able to complete the recharter process, validate and pay do to not enough leadership. We have a scoutmaster and 4 assistant scoutmaster, committee chair, advancement chair, activity chair… how much leadership do we need? Anyone no how to get past this road block?


You need a Charter Org Rep too. I assume your advancement chair and activity chair are both registered as Committee Members.


If you scroll over the the error message, a pop up will tell you what positions you have to have at a minimum. I ran into that same problem

Troops have to have:

Chartered Org. Rep. (position code CR)
Committee Chair (position code CC)
2 Committee Members (position code MC or New Member Coordinator (position code NM))
Scoutmaster (position code SM)

The Chartered Org. Rep. has the option to also register as the Committee Chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC or NM) within the same unit.

Troops also have to have an Executive Officer (IH), but this is a no fee position.

Do you have a Chartered Org. Rep. or Executive Officer? Do you see a pop up when you scroll over the error message, as Andrew suggested?

One of the troops I’m working with (I’m a commissioner) has received an error saying they do not have enough leaders. When they click on their roster in Internet Recharter it is now empty - no members. This is a new development as it showed members previously. They are at a standstill for now - will check again tomorrow morning and if unchanged will contact the district registrar. Not sure if this is your same problem or not.

Thanks. The drop down only allows one selection. How do you register the COR and CC for one person?

Thanks everyone… I missed the fact that you can hover over and see what leaders you are missing. Thanks again!

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Add them to the list a second time

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Thanks… I did not realize I could do that. All is well! Merry Christmas to all!


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