Invalid Merit Badge Automatically chosen for Eagle Palm

When trying to approve an Eagle palm for my scout, Scoutbook automatically chooses a palm that the scout has marked ‘Complete’ but never met with a counsellor on. In other words, it is not “Leader Approved”. He has plenty of other merit badges that are “Leader Approved” and can be used to fulfill the palm requirement. There is no method to switch the merit badge choice with another and I don’t want to clear the scout’s recording of what he thinks he completed, in case he wants to look into it in the future. Is there anything that can be done to work around this?


take the date out of the complete

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Well, that worked, but I don’t know why. When I cleared the Completed date, it set the Completed date to today’s date. This is obviously wrong, but it also removed it from the Palm, which was my goal, so I’ll go with it! Thanks!

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I also put in a Bug for it

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