Merit Badge counselor Invite Email

How long does it take for the Merit Badge Counselor to get the email invite? It has been several days. He has checked both his email and junk folder.


Should be immediate.

Well darn. As a test I added myself to another Scout to check just in case he was missing the email. I didn’t get it either. I checked my profile and my email is correct.

Is this a scout you already had a connection with?

Yes, he is in our troop.

You won’t get an email when adding a new connection type to an existing connection.

Thanks! I will pass the word on to our Troop MB counselors. I was hoping they would be notified as some of them need a little reminding.

Reminding them to use Scoutbook, or that they are counseling MBs with particular scouts? With me, it’s not-infrequently the latter. :wink:

My recommendation is to encourage the scout to reach out to the MBC and remind them to mark things off in Scoutbook. It’s the same thing (digitally speaking) as the physical blue card, so I view the onus of requesting the “sign-offs” as belonging to the scout, rather than the counselor.

Usually it’s the scout’s responsibility to contact the MBC to set up a time to meet.

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It is both. I am trying to get the Scouts, Scouters and MB Counselors to use SB. With a lot of our meetings and Scouts Merit Badge work having been virtual, it just makes sense to have them use Scoutbook to document the Scouts completion of requirements and the MB Counselor Approval. Mailing blue cards back and forth just seemed like a waste of time and postage.

They have met up. I am trying to get the MB counselor to complete the info in Scoutbook. I was hoping that when I added them as a MB counselor they would get the invite and that would be a prompt to update the Scouts work.

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